Eliza Parker, Specialty Nanny

Welcome to a magical experience

Eliza Parker

Infant Developmental Movement Specialist, Aware Parenting Instructor, and Nanny for Infants (& sometimes toddlers)

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 My services are currently available in Raleigh/Durham, NC and by skype. 

I offer a truly magical, supportive Nanny experience for you and your Little One. 

  • Showers of love, playfulness, and connection with Baby
  • Developmental movement support & education
  • A journal about Baby's milestones & helpful info
  • Baby sign language
  • Natural baby bath and body products, hand-made in the Colorado Rockies

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Phone: 919-469-0519

"Coming home to a journal was the biggest treat I have experienced while leaving my baby. What a great tool it is, and how wonderful for her when she is older and can understand it! I already saw a difference in her tonight upon my return from work. She was so happy and eager to show me her toys and love!" -Mom in Newport, RI