Eliza Parker, Specialty Nanny


Dear Moms, It is my pleasure to recommend our nanny, Eliza Parker, to you! She is an incredibly gifted person who has tremendous expertise in infant developmental movement, and she has done amazing work with our son. I am a child/adolescent development researcher, and I feel that her skills are unmatched. Vicki in Boulder, CO

One night, I (Eliza) ran into my previous nanny family in the park. After not having been her Nanny for 6 months, "Little m" came running into my arms for a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug (that's a Very Long Hug). Her Mom says:

"And, indeed -- little m huuuuuggggggged with great intention and love. If anyone reads this -- can I say -- you are a baby whisperer of the lightest heart and breath! It is real!"  Mom of "Little m"

Eliza is a very experienced, educated caregiver -- the most competent one I know. It was a difficult decision to have someone look after my baby and one that I did not take lightly. I can confidently say that Eliza was the best decision I made this year. She has been wonderful.  Boulder Mom & Professor of Law

You will just love her bright spirit and vibrant glow, and she will be a positive influence on your child in so many ways!!!  Mom S. in CO

"Wow, you really do have a gift." - multiple Moms and Dads

"Eliza is a magical nanny who is looking for her next family. Let me know if you or someone you know is in the market for a nanny to rival Mary Poppins."  Mom M. in CO

"I highly recommend Eliza Parker. She is an infant development specialist and has been with our family since our son was 3 months [now 13 mo]. I get many compliments on how well adjusted our son is, and I know she's had a lot to do with it. She's amazing!"  Mom in CO

My 4 month old daughter and I met Eliza Parker this evening and we were so very impressed! Eliza is a nanny and child development professional . . .  If I needed these days, I'd hire her in a heartbeat, but since I don't I thought I'd share with you all. 

Eliza's academic background is in somatics - body movement and its developmental effects. She works with all babies, but specializes in developmental issues. My daughter is developing "perfectly," but still Eliza was able to tell me a few things I could do to help her posture and how to make tummy time more enjoyable for her. 

I try to keep my emails short and sweet, but I really could go on and on about how wonderful Eliza is. My baby, who is usually very discriminating, just took to her! She gave her gaping smiles and nuzzled right up in her arms. 

Eliza is kind, warm, sweet, smart, and funny. I hope someone will snatch her up. :)

- Mom in Boulder, CO