Eliza Parker, Specialty Nanny

My Valuable Services

In a Nutshell

  • I'm your day-to-day Nanny, sensitive to your scheduling, activity, and parenting-style preferences
  • I provide developmental support for both typically-progressing babies and those who need a little extra encouragement
  • I share with you about the patterns Baby is exploring
  • I provide a unique hand-made journal in which I record observations and helpful info
  • I teach baby sign language, which helps your child communicate pre-verbally and reduces toddler frustrations
  • I offer natural baby bath and body products, free of toxic chemicals

About Nannying

I absolutely love my work! There is nothing like being the recipient of a baby's full trust or her tiny-sized, but big-hearted, hug.

I am gentle, loving, and attentive. I am sensitive and fully present with Baby. I bring to nannying my work as an Infant Developmental Movement Specialist, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, and Spiritual Counselor--because the developmental patterns have everything to do with all aspects of our growing-up lives!

It is my desire to share with you as much of my journey with your child as possible. When you return home, I create a transition ritual by sharing with you what we did together, new sign language words, and details of his day's schedule. 

I provide a journal for your family, in which I write my observations about Baby's firsts, including developmental stages, milestones, the use of his hands, vocalizing, and fun informational notes about movement support (see right).

Baby's senses and perceptions are growing along with his movement and relationships. I consciously promote multi-sensory, but not over-stimulating, play: visual, auditory, tactile (touch), kinesthetic (movement), and smell and taste when appropriate. 

I love taking Baby outdoors, whether it's to simply breathe the fresh air, admire the grass and trees, inspect a newly-bloomed flower, learn the sign for "bird," take a walk in the stroller, or play on the playground. I am comfortable taking him in my car to classes or play locations if you would like.

About Lemongrass Spa

As you may be aware, there can be a lot of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products--both for Baby and for family. The FDA cannot regulate ingredients in cosmetic products because of government loopholes. We are the watchdogs for what we put on our skin--even in "natural foods" stores!

Our skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs 60 - 80% of what we put on it, straight into the bloodstream. Would you eat your cosmetic products? It's a question worth seriously considering.

Lemongrass Spa Products are free of harsh and toxic chemicals. They are handmade in the Colorado Rockies with the highest integrity. The Baby line is a lovely, comfy Lavender-Vanilla. Adults can use it too! The Lavender is calming and the Vanilla is warming: the perfect combination for happy, cozy Baby. We offer:

  • Baby Lotion
  • Baby Wash
  • Baby Bottoms-Up Balm
  • Baby Massage Oil
  • Baby Gift Sets and a Travel Set
  • Child-safe sunscreen and bug spray
Browse at http://www.OurLemongrassSpa.com/Eliza. Send any questions my way at 720-252-9982 or Contact@InspiritAlive.com.

About Developmental Movement Support

So much about how we physically move as grown-ups, our feeling of safety, and how we relate to the world, ourselves, and others is patterned in the first year of life. I non-invasively support typically-progressing babies, as well as those experiencing challenges, in their full physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

It is a pleasure to witness how parents light up when a whole new world of understanding and bonding opens between them and their child. The information I provide about the coordination between movement and brain development, the importance of specific developmental patterns, strategies for tummy time, and such, are typically not found at the pediatrician's office, nor is it commonly found among nannies.

I provide:

  • Detailed information about movement stages and reflexes as Baby explores them
  • Tips about ways you can support Baby's movements and model efficient ways of moving as you hold her
  • Ways to help Tummy Time become more comfortable for Baby and easier for Parents/Caregivers
  • Small and focused amounts of non-invasive play interaction to help Baby address challenges or stresses that I notice (i.e., Baby only uses one hand, belly-crawls only on one side, or scoots on bottom) 
Please see my "Developmental Support" page for more information.

Please feel free to contact me for more info at one of the following: 


Also, check out my blog: www.ConsciousBaby.com