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 Private Sessions

Sessions address your questions about your baby's movement development and are appropriate: 

  • during pregnancy
  • for newborns
  • for babies and toddlers at any stage of development up to walking/running
  • for typically- and non-typically-developing babies

Sessions can also address handling tips that promote optimal movement/brain development and help you be more comfortable, as well as concerns about crying and how to help Baby without ignoring or distracting. 

All in-person sessions will provide non-invasive, respectful hands-on movement support through play, and we will cover ways you can foster your baby's healthy development beyond our session. 

Sessions last 50 to 75 minutes, depending on Baby's pace.

Mom, Dad, nannies, grandparents, and other primary caregivers are encouraged to come with you.

Sliding scale $60 - 90

Sessions are also available by skype.

No current classes. If interested in a class such as below, please contact me. 

Frog, Lizard, Bear: Infant Movement Milestones 

Sunday, May 1, 2011, 10:00 - 11:30

Becoming Mothers, Boulder, CO
  • What if my baby doesn’t like Tummy Time?
  • Is crawling an important milestone?
  • Does sitting or walking a baby before she can do so herself help her learn how?
  • Is it okay that my baby is scooting on his bottom?
  • What if my baby is not hitting milestones when she’s “supposed to”?
  • My baby is developing perfectly, is there anything I can do to support her? 

   Each first-year milestone plays a significant role in establishing healthy habits for life. In a relaxed playgroup format, we will observe the movements the babies show us and explore them ourselves. Learn why each stage is important, how to support your child where she is, and make tummy time a place of fun and ease. Learn handling skills that model optimal movement and transmit a feeling of safety. Nurture your child’s sense of self, coordination, posture habits, emotional well-being, natural intelligence, curiosity, and comfort interacting with the environment.

   Open to wakeful, sleeping, and nursing/feeding babies from newborn to walking—and their grown-ups. Also open to expectant parents and adults who work professionally with infants or in movement-related healing modalities.

Register with Eliza, $25, 720-252-9982, Contact at InspiritAlive . com

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