Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

Your magical, exceptional Mary-Poppins Nanny is here!

I am an Infant Development Specialist. Your baby’s brain, movement, learning, and emotional development is my expertise. I recognize early signs of stresses and can gently assist preemies or those having challenges. But even the most typically-progressing babies benefit from aware handling! While Baby sleeps, I keep a journal for you all about the stages he is exploring, how to support his movement without pushing him beyond what he is ready to do, and tips on nifty handling skills and Tummy Time. 

I have a gentle and calm demeanor, which makes me perfect for coming down to Baby's level to establish connection and prevent over-stimulation. I am skilled at handling crying and tantrums in a way that deeply respects the child's emotions and communication. I use and teach Baby Sign Language, which promotes understanding and ease of communication.

I have a conscious, spiritual, healthy lifestyle. Aside from babies, I love nature, astronomy, knitting, singing, and dancing (rhythm tap, ballet, and Scottish Country). 

Please visit my blog for more info about me and what I offer, as well as my nanny website. I can't wait to meet you and your little miracle!


Eliza Parker