What I Offer

My Valuable & Unique Services

I offer a truly magical and supportive experience for you and your Little One. Please see the rest of this website and my blog for more detailed information. 


·       I spend a lot of time holding Baby and/or playing together on the floor so he can engage with me but be in whatever position supports him most appropriately in his development

·       I make sure multi-sensory experiences are available

Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign helps your child communicate pre-verbally and reduces toddler frustrations.


While Baby sleeps, I keep a journal for you with insights about movement stages as Baby explores them, ways you can support Baby’s movements and model safety and comfort while you hold her, and tips for making Tummy Time more comfortable.

"Coming home to a journal was the biggest treat I have experienced while leaving my baby. What a great tool it is, and how wonderful for her when she is older and can understand it! I already saw a difference in her tonight upon my return from work." -Mom in Newport, RI

Infant Developmental Movement

My certification and approach comes from Infant Developmental Movement Education, a program of the Body-Mind Centering® Approach (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, OT) and the Feldenkrais Method® (Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais).

·       I support optimal movement-milestone development in both typically and non-typically progressing infants through the way I handle and play with Baby 

·       I recognize early signs of stress that often go un-noticed by doctors. Addressing these signs early can reduce the possibility of future challenges with moving and learning. I provide small and focused amounts of non-invasive play interaction to help Baby address these stresses (i.e., he only uses one side, scoots on his bottom, is not rolling or crawling).

·       I work effectively with preemies and special needs

·       Infant-led engagement: I follow Baby’s timing and perceptual cues so as not to over-stimulate

·       I share with you the significance of each stage and offer suggestions about how to support Baby in optimal developmentally-appropriate ways

Even the healthiest of babies can benefit from aware handling skills! My work is beneficial for babies of all stages and abilities. Here are a couple of testimonies from moms of typically-progressing infants:

“It's amazing how quickly he's learned [to walk, run, and kick a ball].  My friends with similar aged kids all talk about a much longer learning process and many more problems with balance. I really think he's as agile and balanced as he is because of your work with him. You've made a big difference in his life!” –Mom M

“Eliza has done amazing work with our son. I get many compliments on how well adjusted he is, and I know she's had a lot to do with it . . . He and I are taking a music class, and he is definitely one of the most confident, active and curious children in the room.” –Mom V

Emotional Support

I am also a certified Aware Parenting Instructor. I provide skilled support for crying and tantrums via Dr. Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting approach. It is a respectful approach that fosters presence, communication, listening, and compassion.

Natural Baby Products

If you are interested, I offer natural baby bath and body products from Lemongrass Spa, hand-made in the Colorado Rockies and free of all toxic chemicals.