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May 13, 2011
Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Eliza Parker

It has been a great pleasure to have Eliza care for our son. Her deposition is gentle and sincere and her work with movement has been such a blessing for our little one. When she came over, she would swoop in just like Mary Poppins and get right to work making everything that needs to be done fun for our son.

When Eliza worked with our son she made all her movements with him intentional. If he was transitioning from lying on his back to sitting up she would guide him in a way to train his muscle memory. She would care for him for half a day at a time, so she could challenge him when he was ready (fed, well rested and in a good frame of mind). She kept a journal of what she did with him and when, so that we could refer to it and practice with him. The journal helped us keep track of what he had been up to over the weeks and reminded us of the skills he had been practicing.

I am happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding Eliza’s specific skills or characteristics. She has been wonderful to our son and our family. I highly recommend her for any childcare position that she might wish to take in the future. Please contact me at with questions.


Jennifer & Trent Gustafson (303) 809‐0074